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Our law firm can help you with your requirements in terms of intellectual property (trademarks, designs, copyright, domain names) and digital law (computer contracts, personal data, e-commerce).

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SPARLANN was created in 2013.

Inspired by the Breton word "sparlañ" meaning "protection against copying", this name reflects the firm's activity in the protection of intellectual property rights, and its close relationship with its clients. SPARLANN became a law firm in 2020, after more than 7 years as an industrial property consultant.

Since its inception, the firm has been working with companies and institutions, including at international level, to support them in developing their activities and innovations: the take-up of rights, contractualisation, the management of rights portfolios worldwide, and assistance and back-up with legal disputes.

SPARLANN now offers a wider range of services, meeting its clients’ needs with contracts involving IT and research and innovation. The firm also works in the sphere of personal data protection, e-commerce law and digital platforms.

Our values

SPARLANN develops a close relationship with its clients, with a focus on responsiveness, transparency and quality.

It decided to set up in Rennes and Brest, to draw every advantage from its roots in Brittany. This regional proximity does not prevent SPARLANN from helping companies keen to export and develop their innovations in the international market, while maintaining local links.

On an international scale

SPARLANN now collaborates with numerous correspondents throughout the world – Europe, Asia, Central and Latin America, Oceania and Africa – thanks to its active participation in various networks.

These networks enable us to provide our clients with a range of services carried out by professionals with an in-depth knowledge of foreign law. Cross-border cases are handled by our teams each day.

Our expertise


  • GDPR audits: mapping of personal data processing, analysis and assessment of GDPR compliance, action plans
  • Drawing up processing registers
  • Information notices and privacy policies
  • Contracts to secure personal data processing
  • GDPR compliance actions
  • "Outsourced DPO" service
  • Assistance from the client's internally appointed DPO


  • Qualification of the platform and its obligations
  • Supervision of platforms’ liability
  • Compliance with sector-based regulations
  • Drafting of consumer information notices


  • "Introduction to intellectual property" - École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Rennes
  • "Intellectual property law" - IGR-IAE management school, Rennes
  • "Internet law" - My Digital School, Rennes
  • Facilitation of a practical case on trademark law - M2 International Business Lawyer, University of Rennes 1
  • Master’s 2 in Digital Law, University of Rennes 1, Practical aspects of trademark law


  • Website legal notices
  • General terms and conditions of sale and use (merchant sites, showcase sites, networking platforms, comparison sites, collaborative platforms, blogs, etc.)
  • Analysis of the "user" path on a website to ensure the validity of contracts concluded online


  • Assistance with negotiations
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Collaboration and consortium agreements


  • Assistance with negotiations
  • Database licensing
  • Sale/rental contracts for computer equipment
  • Software supply contracts
  • Contracts for the development of specific software
  • Software transfer and licensing agreements
  • IT consultancy contracts


  • Assistance in choosing a domain name in view of its availability
  • Reservation of domain names
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Assistance with the purchase/sale of domain names (follow-up of negotiations)


  • Advice on copyright protection
  • Drafting applications to register designs; filing them with authorised offices within and outside France
  • Monitoring administrative registration procedures
  • Assistance with seizures of counterfeits and legal disputes
  • Legal action for infringement of copyright or designs


  • Prior art searches
  • Drafting the wording of trademarks; filing them in the relevant offices within and outside France
  • Monitoring administrative registration procedures
  • Setting up a trademark watch
  • Management and follow-up of objections
  • Assistance with seizures of counterfeits and legal disputes

Meet the team

Aurélie MASSON


Aurélie MASSON joined SPARLANN in June 2022 as an assistant after working in various in law firms and companies around Rennes. She holds a degree in legal assistance.

Her tasks include participating in the firm’s administrative management, overseeing the firm's communication, and monitoring and managing the domain name portfolio of the firm's clients.

She also manages legal cases in conjunction with the firm's lawyers, and assists Caroline Bontemps in the administrative management of the trademark portfolio of the firm's clients.

Hortense Mouget-Faizon


Formerly an industrial property lawyer for 11 years.

After working for ten years in various industrial property consultancy firms in Paris and Western France, Hortense  joined SPARLANN in September 2014.

She holds a Master’s 2 in private law from Exeter, as well as a Master’s 2 in intellectual property, industrial agreements and new technology law from the CUERPI (intellectual property centre) in Grenoble.

Her academic background and previous experience in advising international French groups have enabled her to develop in-depth knowledge of intellectual property within and outside France.

Hortense has taught intellectual property law for several years at the IGR-IAE management school in Rennes.

She is also a member of ECTA trademark association and APRAM, the association for practitioners in trademarks and design law.

Ida Galesne

Personal Data and Intellectual Property Lawyer

Ida GALESNE joined SPARLANN in October 2017.

She holds a Master's 2 in multimedia and information systems law (University of Strasbourg). She is mainly involved in GDPR compliance for the firm's clients and more broadly in issues involving digital law.

She also deals with intellectual property matters.

Laëtitia Le Métayer

Personal Data, Software and Internet Law Lawyer

Laëtitia LE METAYER joined SPARLANN in 2019 to strengthen the team in the field of information technology law.

She holds a Master’s 2 in Business Law, a certificate of specialisation in personal data law and the Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession.

During her years of experience, she has developed specific expertise in personal data law and e-commerce and digital platform law, as well as in drafting IT contracts.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of FEMMES DE BRETAGNE and regularly lectures at the EDAGO (Grand Ouest school of law) and the University of Rennes 1.

Caroline Bontemps

Paralegal – Trademark assistant

Legal assistant since 2002. She holds undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas from ENADEP.

She joined SPARLANN in 2013 as trademark assistant after working at the AVOXA law firm, including as an assistant in IT and telecommunications law. She has obtained a trademark assistant certificate from the INPI.

Caroline oversees the administrative management of the trademark portfolio of the firm's clients. She also ensures the smooth running of many aspects of the firm, including administration, accounting and human resources.

Benoît Lebreton

Lawyer – Partner

Formerly an industrial property lawyer for 7 years.

Benoît LEBRETON has nearly 20 years’ experience in intellectual property law.

He holds INPI qualifications in trademark and design law, and is an EUIPO representative.

After working first as an industrial property consultant and then as a lawyer, he has cross-disciplinary expertise in trademark, copyright, design and domain name issues, and can be called upon to advise on consultancy or litigation matters.

He is a member of the selection committee for the "BRETAGNE" brand and teaches trademark and intellectual property law at the University of Rennes 1 (Master’s 2 in Digital Law - Faculty of Law/ESIR - Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Rennes 1).

Concrete cases
handled by the firm


Firm roots in Brittany

SPARLANN is particularly attached to its regional roots in Brittany.

Its name is directly inspired by the Breton word "sparlañ", meaning "protection against copying".

Contact & addresses

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