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Our expertise


  • GDPR audits: mapping of personal data processing, analysis and assessment of GDPR compliance, action plans
  • Drawing up processing registers
  • Information notices and privacy policies
  • Contracts to secure personal data processing
  • GDPR compliance actions
  • "Outsourced DPO" service
  • Assistance from the client's internally appointed DPO
  • Analysis of the client's status concerning the GDPR (controller, co- controller or processor)
  • Conducting impact studies (PIA)
  • Securing transfers of personal data abroad (outside the EU)
  • GDPR procedures and documentation (data storage and archiving policies, data breaches, etc.)
  • Assistance regarding the CNIL, the French data protection agency (responses to formal notifications; assistance with inspections)


  • Qualification of the platform and its obligations
  • Supervision of platforms’ liability
  • Compliance with sector-based regulations
  • Drafting of consumer information notices
  • Support in securing financial flows
  • Assistance in complying with social and tax obligations
  • Ensuring the platform’s compliance with personal data regulations


  • "Introduction to intellectual property" - École Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Rennes
  • "Intellectual property law" - IGR-IAE management school, Rennes
  • "Internet law" - My Digital School, Rennes
  • Facilitation of a practical case on trademark law - M2 International Business Lawyer, University of Rennes 1
  • Master’s 2 in Digital Law, University of Rennes 1, Practical aspects of trademark law
  • Course on "Personal data protection and human resources”
  • Course on "Practical advice on trademark law for marketing departments”
  • Course on "Copyright and image rights in the communication environment”


  • Website legal notices
  • General terms and conditions of sale and use (merchant sites, showcase sites, networking platforms, comparison sites, collaborative platforms, blogs, etc.)
  • Analysis of the "user" path on a website to ensure the validity of contracts concluded online
  • Validation of commercial prospecting campaigns by e-mail
  • Validation of online advertising campaigns with regard to third party rights and consumer protection requirements
  • Drafting rules for competitions/sponsorship


  • Assistance with negotiations
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Collaboration and consortium agreements
  • Research or study contracts
  • Joint ownership agreements
  • Know-how communication contracts


  • Assistance with negotiations
  • Database licensing
  • Sale/rental contracts for computer equipment
  • Software supply contracts
  • Contracts for the development of specific software
  • Software transfer and licensing agreements
  • IT consultancy contracts
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Maintenance contracts
  • IT hosting contracts
  • Search engine optimisation contracts (paid/organic)
  • Website design contracts
  • Advertising contracts (contracts for the provision of advertising space and advertising management)
  • Legal action in IT law


  • Assistance in choosing a domain name in view of its availability
  • Reservation of domain names
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Assistance with the purchase/sale of domain names (follow-up of negotiations)
  • Domain name transfer agreements
  • Setting up domain name monitoring
  • Recovery procedures (UDRP/ SYRELI) and follow-up of technical transfers
  • Assistance and representation in legal disputes


  • Advice on copyright protection
  • Drafting applications to register designs; filing them with authorised offices within and outside France
  • Monitoring administrative registration procedures
  • Assistance with seizures of counterfeits and legal disputes
  • Legal action for infringement of copyright or designs
  • Design licence transfer contracts
  • Assumption of rights; assistance with dating works
  • Advice on the ownership of certain works (do they belong to the employer or the employee?)
  • Contracts for the transfer of copyright


  • Prior art searches
  • Drafting the wording of trademarks; filing them in the relevant offices within and outside France
  • Monitoring administrative registration procedures
  • Setting up a trademark watch
  • Management and follow-up of objections
  • Assistance with seizures of counterfeits and legal disputes
  • Legal action for trademark infringement
  • Action to take back a trademark
  • Audits of trademark portfolios
  • Investigating use
  • Use of trademark rights in conjunction with our network of accountants
  • Trademark assignment and licensing agreements, coexistence agreements